“Compassion is a spiritual technology needed as much as all the other technologies that have now connected us.”
— Krista Tippett


For those who want to help make a difference, donations are accepted for the Models of Compassion organizations current campaigns, travel with compassion awareness tours, and local organizations we work very closely with.  Unlike most charities and organizations, we provide constant social awareness which allows the viewers to know exactly where their donation is going and who or how they are helping make a difference. Models of Compassion takes pride in documenting each and every campaign to create the most content and social awareness so that all parties can feel a part of the experience. With many other organizations or charities, most donors aren't able to see exactly where their money goes or feel a part of the actual experience, but we are providing a different experience. Click the donate button to be directed to our Paypal account where you can make a donation. Thank you.